Saturday, May 16, 2015

Talk About... Fillmore Jazz Festival

This year, hubby, Norman Landsberg, is performing on July 5, 2:30 - 4:00 pm as Manny Moka, his alter ego, at center stage on Fillmore and California. Proud of him! See you there.

Live Jazz on the Streets!

Something's going on at Fillmore today. Balloons and jazz bands about every 2-3 blocks! it's not the Fillmore Jazz Festival on July 4th weekends but  every now and then, I see live jazz music on the streets - Quite lively! And I see it happening more often, like about 3 months?! I like it.


Chick Corea & Hiromi  上原ひろみ&チックコリア


Friday, May 8, 2015

Inspiring... and Inspired!

Tonight, the Power Trio plays at the store and rehearsing at the moment, and I'm hearing old pop songs being revived with contemporary jazz arrangements and man, they sound great! Giving me ideas! I'm really inspired! Thanks, guys.

So many ideas coming out of my head as many projects as I wanna do - Let 'em keep coming!

Also, today, Norman and I were walking in our neighborhood when he saw a blind guy who is a great jazz blues pianist. And I thought, that's how I should play the piano, like a blind man who just plays his heart out, instead of critically analyzing everything, like I do to myself. Of course, I don't wanna go blind, I don't have to be blind just to play my heart out. I can play with all passion right now. Just gotta do it!

Today, I'm totally inspired!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Getting Back to Music

In my desire to get back into music again - playing, performing, writing, recording - I've been going to concerts, big and small, listening to radio, watching music videos, tv concerts, YouTube, etc.!

I've been inactive for awhile due to some health issues, nothing life threatening, but enough to affect me, mind, body, emotions, spirit, I didn't want to do anything. As I said, doing nothing can be an art, but in my case, it was a waste of time and energy.

But now, simply exposing myself to music again is stirring me up! I'm enjoying.  Slowly but surely, I'm back in music. Music is my life. It's my world.

PATIENCE and  DISCIPLINE!! They're what I need right now! And with that, I've gotta -
Practice... practice... practice... - Darn!

International Jazz Day All-Star Global Concert - April 30, 2015