Friday, October 25, 2013

100-Year Celebration and More!!

Just got back from BALLY'S Las Vegas  for the CHSNAF's celebration of our school's 100 years! And "Here We Are" like our song goes! Truly a grand reunion, a grand celebration! And one of the highlights was the Classical and Jazz Piano Concert by our own alumnae pianists last Fri., Oct. 18 of which I was one of the participants. There were 3 outstanding classical pianists and I played jazz. Great concert, to the satisfaction of about 200 people in the audience with Louie Reyes, the Jazz chantreuse! The biggest surprise was  the participation of hubby, Norman, on duo piano with me, the most kept secret of the whole affair. Husband and wife team on duo piano or "Is it husband vs. wife!" says Vivian Zalvadea, another alumna and the concert's lovely and lively host. Apparently, not even the committee knew about it! Naughty girl, Louie! When she suggested Norman to join in, I asked her if the committee knew and she said yes and "Ako'ng bahala!" (I'll take care of that!) She took care of it, alright... WELL, everybody was very happy!!

Norman didn't want to do it at first. But I thought it was so rare to have 2 grand pianos right and ready on stage for us to play and he didn't want to do it? I let him be as I was busy preparing for my concert, The Magic of Two, with Mon David 2 weeks before that. I thought I'd deal with it after. The following week, Norman asked me to play "this part... and that."
And I asked, "For what?"... 
And a new piano duo, husband-and-wife team, was born! So so so so proud!

The following night was the Gala Night, the big finale! And guess, who was there - our HS Biology teacher, Ms. Thelma Perpinan! A Fullbright scholar, Ms. Perpinan was one of our favorite teachers. When she saw me, she exclaimed,"You haven't changed, you're the same impish lil' girl!"

The funniest incident I had with Ms. Perpinan was, when one day in class, Chinet, our valedictorian, and I were not paying attention to her. Instead, we were talking and talking while Ms. P was going through our test papers and discussing questions and answers. Brilliant, Chinet can answer any question even in her sleep.  Me?...well... All of sudden, I heard Ms. P talking aloud, "Give an example of a flying mammal, Socorro!"
Caught not listening, I panicked," Uh, uh,... flying mammal, flying mammal, uh, uh, uh,... PILOT!"

Ms. Perpinan took a long look at me, then turned around facing the blackboard, and started chuckling, quietly, and fighting it! She turned around again and told me very calmy,"It's alright, Socorro, sit down."
She wasn't mad. She couldn't...

That wasn't funny to me. Scared the hell out of me! I thought my answer was correct.
But when I went home and told my family about it, They. Cracked. Up!

My brother, Nandy, told his HS classmates in San Beda College, and you know what, that story was presented at their HS program on stage, like a Laugh-In or Saturday Night Live Show, would you believe - On stage!

I told Ms. Perpinan that story at our Gala Night... and the rest was history!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Here We Are

Preparing for my alma mater's, College of the Holy Spirit Centennial Celebration, sponsored this time by North American Foundation, CHSNAF, to be held at Bally's Hotel in Las Vegas, October 17-20! Remember, I went to Manila last February to celebrate 100 years of our school in Manila.

I wrote our centennial song and I'm conducting it again at our gala night.

I'm coming... HERE WE ARE.

The Magic of Two!

Words cannot express my feelings about our show together, Mon David and I, called The Magic of Two! After 30 years, this was our first concert together, a reunion, indeed! A night of music and magic, yes! Heartfelt, emotional, funny, joyful, poignant - everything was felt! As many said, "It was truly magical!"
Mon David and I after the show

Happy and proud, I'm speechless...

Here's to more, Mon! Sooooooooso proud of you! More power!

Here's a video: