Monday, August 30, 2010


I don't quite get GLEE, though. What is it about? I know it's about a high school glee club. Simple. But I don't get the casting. Most of the students are fine, but the teachers and their colleagues (and also some students) look like they belong to the 60's or 70's. Is the setting current, like happening now, or is it supposed to have happened then like the movie FAME? Is it an adaptation perhaps, or something similar to the 80's tv comedy series HAPPY DAYS, which depicted life in the 50's?

I didn't catch the premier of GLEE so when I watched a few shows later on, as much as I enjoyed the music, things didn't quite sync.

First of all, with the present economy, we know that one of the things that are being cut off in schools is Arts & Music, and that's unfortunate. So, are there really HS glee clubs at the present time? Wow, that would be great if GLEE has been inspiring schools to form glee clubs! I'd love to see that happen but is it happening? This is why I thought that GLEE was about the 60's or so. The characters are perfect for that! But the songs are current so it's confusing.

Casting is one of the most important ingredients... maybe the most important in film-making production. You can have the best story, gather the best directors, editors, costume designers, best staff and crew, but if the actors and characters don't match, there's no story. There's no movie to make. Hollywood knows that! Who am I to argue! BUT, that's what I feel about GLEE.

The music is great, though! Everything about it, the songs, arrangements, production, performance, everything fits - perfect HS Glee Club!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

EMMYS 2010

The EMMYS 2010 was fabulous! I was never into it before because for a long time it just didn't seem to have the Glamor that's the OSCARS! But not anymore. Television has found its place in big time entertainment, it has shared the spotlight along with the Oscars, so much so that big movie stars appear on TV with their own shows, mini series or movies on major networks or HBO, Showtime and others without diminishing in status, and tv personalities star in movies just as well and do great. Magnificent! I enjoyed it tremendously!

Yes, TV can be a waste of time. But not for me, a film scorer! I should really watch a lot more shows - comedies, dramas, musicals, documentaries, sci-fis, all kinds, everything, and learn all kinds of music, all kinds of moods, emotions that the music scores, themes, cues try to evoke, capture and so on. In fact, I should watch more although I shouldn't be sitting there in front of the set like a couch potato. This is one thing where multi-tasking is good, like doing exercise, healthy snacking, unless of course, whatever you're watching or doing needs your full attention. 

But not eating, though. Eating requires full attention. There's no tv in my house except the living room. Eating, for me, is a ceremony, a sacred ritual.

There's an old expression, "We are what we eat." There's more to it than just that - We are what we eat, how, where, whenwhy!...More about eating later. 

Back to the EMMY AWARDS -

Friday, August 27, 2010


Magical! Wonderful! Fantastic - the flying will blow you away!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dena De Rose

Superb! Phenomenal jazz pianist, one of the best I've ever heard! The show had started, I came a little late, and the minute I opened the door and heard her play just a few notes, it's as if a strong gust of wind hit me. "God, she's great!" I knew instantly.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Hot water with fresh mint and lemon - delicious! At a fancy Italian restaurant - great food, great company, great birthday!

Birthday Boy


Thursday, August 19, 2010




Lord Nature, (something keeps prompting me to say it and I really like it!), is whispering things, talking to me on a grand scale. He's like showing me the MASTER PLAN.

Your will be done.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Talk About...Reality TV shows!

Didn't I write anything on AMERICAN IDOL Finale?? How could I have missed it when I watched it! I love Crystal Bowersox and can't wait for her debut cd! I know I wrote a post about her but can't find it. Damn, where'd it go??

'Step Up 3D' Trailer HD


Just came back from the movie, STEP UP 3D, a "wrap-up" from last night's SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Finale and it was a fun movie. It was cute! Timing is everything and with the reality TV show, timing was perfect for the movie. However, last night's finale was spectacular! Simply, the Grand Finale!

And, of course, Ellen Degeneres' awesome performance was "the icing on the cake". What a sport! She's so game! I just love that woman for being herself!

Post Script

I remember when the judges would critique Kent about his facial expressions when he danced - that he was always smiling, to be conscious and careful about it, etc. I totally disagreed with that. That guy can emote, man! And did you see him step back when Lauren's name was announced the winner? That's a real gentleman there. He totally gave Lauren the spotlight! That's a winner there, too.

You'll go a long ways, Kent from Wineko..., where??

So You Think You Can Dance



I love dancing. I should really go back to it... JUST DO IT!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I also forgot about Lee Retinour & Dave Grusin Show at Yoshi's Oakland last 25th for the same reason, our school's Grand Alumna Reunion. Of course, I was not gonna miss that show for anything in the world, particularly because of my idol, Dave Grusin, who I'd write about periodically on my blog. I just adore him. He's the musician of all musicians. In fact in one of my posts last Xmas, I said that it was my dream to, one day, play with him on a world stage. I dream big, why not!

Well, last July 25, I had the chance to meet him personally after the show and I told him my dream. He probably thought I was crazy but I don't care. I went that far as to be able to meet him in person and had the guts to tell him my desire. That's a step closer to my dream.

You know, the one thing I learned from Dave Grusin in that show is not music. He's great live as he is on his albums. Rather, I learned the virtue of humility from him. Here was an icon, a legend, a phenomenon, who I thought was gonna have a show side by side with Lee and there he was, just a sideman to Lee. Yes, they both had equal billing, precisely why I thought this was their show together. But it wasn't. It was Lee Retinour's show and Dave Grusin was just one of the "members" of the band. Lee did all the talking and Dave didn't even say a word. Clearly, it wasn't his show. And I thought, how could anybody, Lee, for that matter, allow Dave Grusin to be just a sideman??

But you know, musicians of their calibre, the best of the bests, they just play together, either as headliners or as THE band, or sidemen, it doesn't matter. There's NO ego! They're so great they're past it! They just play music and have fun, that's it! That's what music is all about! Aah, beautiful reminder!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

All Women Show!

I had the pleasure of watching 2 wonderful shows recently at PPCO. -

MUSIC, SHE WROTE, a concert honoring women composers, at the same time, a fundraiser for the Youth Programs of the Oakland Public Conservatory (OPC) of Music.

ELLEN ROWE & KRISTIN KORB - this has got to be the most fun concert I've seen at the store so far. On a Sunday afternoon, where the ambiance is more relaxed than night concerts, it was fun watching 2 great musicians, Ellen Rowe, excellent jazz pianist and composer, on the fabulous Fazioli piano, and Kristin Korb on string bass and vocals. This lady can sing and when she plays bass, it's like she's making love to her instrument, so passionate, so sensitive!

I've never seen more lady string bass players than this month and, man, are they good! It's always a pleasure to see women play male-dominated instruments (non-traditional for women), like upright bass, sax, etc. Talking of female sax players, check out Mary Fetig, she's great, too!

Post Script to 'How Old is Old??'

You know, I think changed its profile layout. Somehow, it doesn't show the year of birth anymore. I just discovered it yesterday (just when I had sent my niece a link to the post). Unless I did something wrong, my age completely disappeared! See, looking at my picture, Blogger can't believe my age, either! They probably thought I was making it up. Don't they know the possibilities life can offer, they're infinite!

Well, that's it for now, anyway, till I am able to undo or redo the changes, if it's doable.
Life is sweet. Life is good. Enjoy! Luv y'all.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Checked out HERE WE ARE on youtube again and guess how many views there are now, 440! See how lucky that number is! Keep 'em comin'! Love it!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sometimes, A Wishful Thinking!

This secret to living well, my secret to living well, sometimes it's easier said than done, especially with so many music projects and a lot of catching up to do! But it still is the way to go for me. Thank God, I do TM, it really helps. Try TM, it works.

Incidentally, I've been seeing a lot of posters everywhere and I like their ads -

Go Forth.
There is a lot of work to be done and undone.

They seem to fit my lifestyle right now - busy, busy, busy! Lots of work to do and undo! Regardless, I still aim to go to bed early. Simple way to end the day, nice and easy. Good night. ZZzz.....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

University of Sto.Tomas Choir

U.S.T. Choir--Winner of

World Choir Competition


My alma mater!...
And Filipinos!
Filipinos Got Talent...Filipinos got MORE talent!