Monday, May 31, 2010

Esperanza by Socorro

Esperanza is my mother and here's a sample of a song I made for her on my debut album, Socorro. May is the month dedicated for mothers so I'm extending my Mother's Day to my beloved beautiful Mother now that I know how to put music on my blog -

You can actually download on iTunes. There are 2 versions -
  • instrumental track from my debut album, Socorro
  • vocal track from Carmen "Pinky" Valdes' debut album, Sandalwood

Comment on Susan Boyle

One of the greatest inspirations of all time!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What Sorrow Is by Socorro

What Sorrow Is by Socorro

I recorded this piece with Jeff Buenz, one of the top guitarists in the Bay Area.  Like me, he lost his dad and brother, one after the other. As I recall, he lost both within 10 days of each other, God Almighty! You can just imagine his pain...No, no one can imagine his pain!  

I particularly chose the instrumentation, 2 instruments, piano and guitar, both acoustic, natural sound, like a dialogue between 2 people, me and my brother, Jesse, in my dream.

Recording this song with Jeff was one of the most magical moments in my life!  We recorded this live.  Sharing the same experience, interpreting it in music, playing it together, and connecting - everything about it was perfect!  So natural, it was effortless, it was miraculous!

Without Papa (on Father's Day) by Socorro

I found a way to put music into my blog.  You can actually download on iTunes. Here's a sample -


This is so deep, so personal, I broke down when I recorded this piece. Nothing was edited.  Any imperfection was perfect.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Today's my Dad's 10th  anniversary of his death.  I miss him.

Ten years ago, I wrote a piece of music entitled, Without Papa (on Father's Day).  It was this song that inspired me to make my debut album, SOCORRO.  I had been putting this cd project on and off for so many years until my father died.  His death, the first in the family, was utterly devastating.  I never knew what GOODBYE was until my father died.

The first special occasion following a death in the family is one of the most painful moments in life.  My dad died in May and three weeks later was Father's Day.  Next month, July, was his birthday, my birthday, and my brother, Jesse's.  On my brother's birthday, about 430am here, I dreamt, it wasn't a dream, it was real, we were talking and I asked him how he felt about papa being gone, especially as they were very close.  He didn't say anything.  Instead, I heard music in my head and these words, "What sorrow is".  This was my brother's answer to me.  That's how my other composition was created, What Sorrow Is.  The following year, my brother died.

GRIEF is deep, silent, it's beyond words...

Fortunately, I express myself best through music and that's how Without Papa (on Father's Day) and What Sorrow is came about that culminated with my debut cd.  I decided to put all my energies, transpose all my grief, the pain, and everything, into music.  It was 2 years in the making.  In the end it was a triumph of the human spirit, personally, all worth it!

Yes, grief is deep, silent, unfathomable, yet, as devastating as it is, it is sacred.  It is so sacred, it's beautiful, humanly beautiful.  There is no way past it but to go through it.

(I wanna share my music with you.  I'm still learning to put music in my blog.  Until then, you can view my complete profile here then click on my webpage,  You can here a sample of the music there or on You can also download it on iTune or get a ringtone.  Or buy the album, SOCORRO, from or  You'll enjoy it. I'm very proud of it. Thanks.)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aah, Music, Again!

Just came back from Eddie Palmieri and La Perfecta II, Salsa and Latin Jazz Band, at Yoshi's and, yeah, music is such a natural high, who needs drugs??  And I can't understand why even a lot of musicians resort to drugs to get high when music is such a rush, man!! I'm telling you, we musicians are so lucky, what else are you searching for?  What is it you're looking for?  The answer is inside you, man, woman, hey, just look within.  Music is waiting to come out of you, let it out! Express yourself.  Don't fight.  Don't resist. Resistance is one of the biggest roadblocks in life, and if you got it, you are your own one big roadblock!  Get out of it!  Crush it out of you, and instead, flow.  Flow with the music.  Flow with the energy. Flow...flow...flow.  Dance, dance, dance!  Sing, sing, sing!  Play, play, play your instrument!  Don't stop.  Just go with the music.  Go with the current...with the rhythm. Feel it.  See it.  Hear it.  Keep going, keep going...I'm with you.  I'm with you all the way.  Don't stop, keep going, keep is a natural high, I tell you. Non-stop, no limits...go for it, all the way...ALL THE WAY!!

Music is Love and Love is Music.  Luv ya...

I Love these 2 Sisters!

I was talking to Charrie and Mennie from a great musical family in MNL, on the phone, re: our Global Grand HS Reunion Gala Night Show in July.  While Charrie was concerned about our act for the show, Mennie was already giving me other songs to prepare for an encore!!  

Love your attitude, Mennie!  Don't get me wrong with Charrie.  She's a great singer.  We were HS classmates and we had a singing group then called KIT KATTS and she was one of the lead singers.  But after soooo many years and everybody all spread out globally, really, how do you expect people to get together and rehearse for the show!  Thank God for modern day technology we can practice on our own.  But we still have to meet and rehearse and be sure we're ready for the show. From the demographics, we'll all probably get together for the first time at the general rehearsal/sound check on the same day of the show. 

Anyway, I enjoyed talking to them on the phone.

Love you, girls.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


MUSIC, the ultimate...uh,...uh,...uh, what? How can you describe something so phenomenal, so magical, so miraculous!

Just came back from a concert downtown of a friend/musician, Bill Ortiz - NeoSoul, R&B and Jazz. Jeff Cressman, another friend/musician, joined in, and what an experience! They both play for Santana and the Manny Moka Band.

After a hard day's work, going to a concert and hearing great MUSIC such as this, it IS great!

Music is great and it feels great to be a musician! Music is an experience! It is a journey! It's a universal experience, a universal journey, yet unique to every musician, at whatever levels we're at! There should be no labels for musicians, that we're either amateur or professional, no! We should stop that separation. Every musical experience is personal and deep to each one of us. There are infinite levels of music and musicianship, yes, because we all come from different roots. We all had different beginnings, different places of origin, different times, different ages where, when, how, why music came to our lives. But at the Source, we are all connected, we're not competing. Rather, we are one. That's why we should not be comparing ourselves with others, but only with ourselves and what we've done in the past and what we're doing now.

Music is like life. It IS life! It's a learning process. We learn, we live, we grow, and we keep learning, living and growing, no ending, no beginning...

Music is like love. It IS love, a lifelong experience. No one dictates who we should love and shouldn't. It comes from the heart, from the soul. Whether one is a rock star, a celebrity or a street musician, music comes from within, from our very core. So why distinquish the rich and famous from those who are not? We should just play. We should be playing together. There are no shoulds, no shouldn'ts! Just play. Let's play together.

Music IS music. It is an expression, a language of love, of life, in sounds, in harmony, in symphony, from a child learning his/her first song to the world's greatest classical instrumentalists, rock, jazz bands, concert artists, philharmonic orchestras, choirs, operas and infinite possibilities...

Music is a phenomenon, it's magic, it's a miracle! It is the ultimate...uh,...uh,...Aah, the Ultimate!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Aquarium

I've always wanted an aquarium.  Got one here now.  Quiet, very relaxing... Enjoy.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


That tenor singer in church today, when he sings AVE MARIA, I get chills all over. He's great! It cuts through, I missed my Mom. Will call her a lil' later.