Thursday, April 29, 2010

Preparing for a Musical Show in July

I was watching LIFE on Discovery Channel about insects and plants earlier, marvelous! It was very interesting but I have a project to make for a musical show I'm directing in July so back to the studio now...

It's for our HIGH SCHOOL GLOBAL GRAND REUNION for all years, not just ours, so it's a big one! Alumnae and families will be coming in from all over the world. Northern CA is the host and I'll be the musical director of the Gala Night Show. I was recommending known people in the music community, but somehow, fingers were pointing at me, I don't know why. I'm flattered. I'm not famous, I'm just rich. I'm not a celebrity, I'm just pretty... (oh, well).

I'll have more details as we progress. Or maybe I won't have time to talk about details. Will just do it. Right now it's been conference calls, emails, text, youtube, anything, everything, to do research and prep on materials.

Boy, when we did our 25th HS reunion, i.e., just my class, we prepared 1 year for the show. And here we have 3 months!

Right now, I'm making an mp3 of the HS theme song, HERE WE ARE, I did for my class in our silver jubilee to email to everybody globally as it's gonna be the finale song. At least, everybody can learn it on their own until we meet in July. Thanks to all advanced technology, media, what we can do nowadays to communicate, to send anything at fast speed! All of us in the committee are relying heavily on all these to gather all the acts together. Maricar T. is spearheading the whole Grand Reunion event. God, she's great! With her commitment, dedication, and determination, we can't give up. We're in it all the way! And with Cynthia and Moonie, great conference call last night! Thanks for getting involved, ladies.

It's late. Goodnight. Thanks for the company, guys. See you later.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


5 cd projects, rather, 3 are in the making, so actually, not too bad. We are always our worst critics, isn't that? Sometimes I'm a lil' too hard on myself.

All right, so if you don't hear from me for a while, I'm back to work, serious work!

Luv ya, guys...


Of course, I'll keep you posted.

Monday, April 12, 2010


TO DO List - Forget it! Just do it!

2 arrangements, correction, 7 arrangements for 2 clients!
3 cd projects
A musical show I'm directing in July
Gigs, teaching, composing, songwriting and then some...
And in between, practice, practice, practice!

All right, let's get serious! It's all about priorities, about discipline.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Purple and Yellow

Yesterday, I had a gig and for some reason, I wore the suit that I dreamt about the night before - purple suit with yellow top. It's my dad's and brother's colors that, somehow, they've used to connect with me from the other side. (They both passed on.) It was very easy to find them too, considering I was rushing to get to work. Just a bright combination of colors! I was happy!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Congratulations and Thank You!!

To everyone, Mon David, Ner de Leon, Kristine Linares, Melissa Flavia, Sunil Sharma, William Reed, congratulations on a great gig! A great performance from each one! I was actually the least satisfied with my performance because the piano was not miked up. Nevertheless, I'm proud of everybody. Jo, the celebrant, and a dear friend of mine, is still getting compliments about the show! Thanks to all!
A beautiful unique concept of presenting the celebrant's life, Jo Sharma, not with the traditional video, but through a musical show about her life.  Her life story was made into a narrative, beautifully created and scripted by her 2 beautiful daughters. 
Part I presented their mom's life with music memorable to her relating to particular milestones in her life like, e.g., the song she danced to with her husband on their 10th Wedding Anniversary, NEW YORK, NEW YORK, performed by world class jazz singer, Mon David, and her High School Graduation song, YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE, sang by fabulous Broadway singer, Kristine Linares, LA VIE EN ROSE, about one of her memorable trips to Europe, sang in French by beautiful, soulful Melissa Flavia. Beautiful touching story and wonderful storytelling!
Part II presented all the artists/performers doing their acts, either solo or with others, in honor of the celebrant who loves music! The finale song, WE ARE THE WORLD, was appropriate as the show was a fund-raising event!

Proud to be the musical director! But more than that, I'm honored to have celebrated a birthday, shared a milestone, of  a dear friend - a beautiful woman, a beautiful human being with a big generous heart, a beautiful soul, Jo! From the bottom of my heart, Jo, thanks for having me do your life story through music.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Teaching Is Learning

Learned a lot from teaching today...teaching is always a learning process between teacher/student.

Talk About...Yoshi's!

Yoshi's! I went to a concert once at Yoshi's and told Norman, "You know what, I'm gonna apply here as an usherette so I can have access to all the shows here. That way, I can hear more jazz, learn more jazz, meet the artists and connect and so on..."
My husband looks at me and says," Boy, for someone who dreams big, that's all you wanna do?? Why don't you dream of performing at Yoshi's?"
I looked at him, shocked!! And I said, "You're right, I forgot!!"

I only thought of working there as an usherette because I have a friend who is an usher there so I thought it's gonna be easy for him to let me in.

Boy, oh, boy! Of course, I wanna perform at Yoshi's! I'm a jazz artist!

I will. I WILL.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


"Crazy Heart", the Movie

Just got back from the movie, Crazy Heart, starring Jeff Bridges. He was great! Great story, great songs! Very inspiring for us, musicians. It urges me to make music again and more. See, since I started this music blog, Nature seems to support me. I just have to keep following my intuition, my heart, and be mindful of it all. A simple awareness, the simplest form...

Back Into the Groove

i-Pod this morn'

Crazy Heart this aft'

American Idol tonight  

A piano student tomorrow -

I'm getting back into the music mode...slowly but surely!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect


I hate those words! It feels forced, like you're forcing someone to do something he/she doesn't like to do! I usually tell my students or others who come to me at my gigs, to enjoy playing the piano, enjoy playing over and over, repeating over and over. ENJOY! That's the secret.

Of course, discipline is the key. Sure, it's the same as practice, practice, practice! But to practice denotes action, of course, it's a very active verb! It sounds exhausting already! Whereas discipline, or practice, as a noun, has a sense of calmness in it. Feels gentle already, doesn't it?
"Practice makes perfect," doesn't that sound better?
Or at least say, "Practice... practice... practice."
Be firm yet gentle in discipline...

At the moment, though, with me wasting so much time not doing anything on music and I'm lagging behind, mind you - 

Music Quotes

It is a process of discovery. It's being quiet enough and undisturbed enough for a period of time so that the songs can begin to sort of peek out, and you begin to have emotional experiences in a musical way.
James Taylor

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Music Blog

I'm going to try a separate music blog here. I have a blog, Music and Musings. It's good, check it out! Proud of it. But just last week, something told me to make a blog exclusively for music. You'd think it's a waste of time as I already have a blog with music in it and ever since I came back from MNL, and jet-lagged, I've done nothing but blog. (Thought it was all right then as I was just relaxing and adjusting to the time here.) But I have other important things to do. I've got TO DO listssssssss, and I need discipline, discipline, discipline!! I need a lot of catching up to do in my life, with my life, etc.

But this music blog's been urging me so I can focus more on the MUSIC BUSINESS, MY music business, rather than just blogging as a writer. Writing is my new-found love. However, Music is my life, it is my career, so if this music blog helps me focus on MUSIC, I'll do it, I'll try it. Let's see.