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Xmas Party

We had our company's Xmas Party at Boudin Bakery at Fisherman's Wharf last night and it was a blast! Great to be with musicians and music lovers again... Always!

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The Hiromi Express

With the dexterity and velocity at which she can go on the piano, it has been the Hiromi Express tonight at Yoshi's! What a musical genius! A phenomenon! Playing solo on piano, she was unbelievable!

As a pianist, it has been a great, humbling experience for me. So much to learn! I'm so glad I went to see her or I would have missed a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity. Hiromi was truly inspiring...and I'm truly inspired!!

What a musical weekend this has been!

Inspiring...and Inspired!!

It just feels great to hang around musicians again! Always!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cool Concert

Great concert! Great band! Really, the name of the show should have been SOCORRO & ACQUAINTANCES cause that was the first time we played together. Some of us met for the first time at the rehearsal/soundcheck that afternoon but everything went well. That's the beauty of jazz, it's so spontaneous and creative! Proud of it!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Inspiring...and Inspired!!

Yesterday at a gig, a woman, a grandmother, actually, came to me at the piano and said, "When you play, your heart is in your hands." - Wow, how sweet, so reassuring! 

She kinda reminded me of my grandmother who used to tell me," You will never grow old because you have music in your heart." 

It's as if my own grandma came to visit me again "through" this woman yesterday, also a grandma, and saying that my heart is in my hands when I play the piano, like an extension of what she used to tell me before, about having music in my heart.

Oh, how touching! How magical, how miraculous!

Thank you, Lola Ceria! OK, Lola.  I love you and miss you. Thanks for the visit. Rest in peace.


OKAY, OK is my Lola Ceria's "legacy" to us, her family and loved ones. Whenever she said the word on anything or anyone she wanted good things to happen to, things would really come out well. The family used to call her our living saint when she was alive. Now she's our family's saint looking after us from above!

Indeed, when Lola says ok, it's OKAY! Everything is all right, all fine. It's truly magical and miraculous!

Thanks, again, Lola! We love you.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Music Quotes

It is piracy, not overt online music stores, which is our main competitor.
Steve Jobs

Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Day of Remembrance" by Socorro

I wrote this musical piece in 2001 in memory of 9/11. You can download on iTunes.

9/11 Anniversary

9-year anniversary!

Last year, I wrote a post, 9/11, (September 11, 2009). Feel free to visit.

I also wrote a tune in its memory, Day of Remembrance, in its memory. It's on iTunes and also on my album, Socorro. Check it out.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chico Pinheiro at Yoshi's

What an incredible band! Ultimately brazilian! Chico Pinheiro on guitar, Marcus Silva on piano, Celso Alberti on drums and Scott Thompson on electric bass and Luciana Alves on vocals. One of the best I've seen at Yoshi's! All musicians from the SF bay area must've been there last night! Awesome!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

At Sheba

Just got back from a friend's gig, Carlos Zialcita on vocals and harmonica and Ben Luis on bass. Nice jammin' on piano. T'was fun!

Monday, August 30, 2010


I don't quite get GLEE, though. What is it about? I know it's about a high school glee club. Simple. But I don't get the casting. Most of the students are fine, but the teachers and their colleagues (and also some students) look like they belong to the 60's or 70's. Is the setting current, like happening now, or is it supposed to have happened then like the movie FAME? Is it an adaptation perhaps, or something similar to the 80's tv comedy series HAPPY DAYS, which depicted life in the 50's?

I didn't catch the premier of GLEE so when I watched a few shows later on, as much as I enjoyed the music, things didn't quite sync.

First of all, with the present economy, we know that one of the things that are being cut off in schools is Arts & Music, and that's unfortunate. So, are there really HS glee clubs at the present time? Wow, that would be great if GLEE has been inspiring schools to form glee clubs! I'd love to see that happen but is it happening? This is why I thought that GLEE was about the 60's or so. The characters are perfect for that! But the songs are current so it's confusing.

Casting is one of the most important ingredients... maybe the most important in film-making production. You can have the best story, gather the best directors, editors, costume designers, best staff and crew, but if the actors and characters don't match, there's no story. There's no movie to make. Hollywood knows that! Who am I to argue! BUT, that's what I feel about GLEE.

The music is great, though! Everything about it, the songs, arrangements, production, performance, everything fits - perfect HS Glee Club!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

EMMYS 2010

The EMMYS 2010 was fabulous! I was never into it before because for a long time it just didn't seem to have the Glamor that's the OSCARS! But not anymore. Television has found its place in big time entertainment, it has shared the spotlight along with the Oscars, so much so that big movie stars appear on TV with their own shows, mini series or movies on major networks or HBO, Showtime and others without diminishing in status, and tv personalities star in movies just as well and do great. Magnificent! I enjoyed it tremendously!

Yes, TV can be a waste of time. But not for me, a film scorer! I should really watch a lot more shows - comedies, dramas, musicals, documentaries, sci-fis, all kinds, everything, and learn all kinds of music, all kinds of moods, emotions that the music scores, themes, cues try to evoke, capture and so on. In fact, I should watch more although I shouldn't be sitting there in front of the set like a couch potato. This is one thing where multi-tasking is good, like doing exercise, healthy snacking, unless of course, whatever you're watching or doing needs your full attention. 

But not eating, though. Eating requires full attention. There's no tv in my house except the living room. Eating, for me, is a ceremony, a sacred ritual.

There's an old expression, "We are what we eat." There's more to it than just that - We are what we eat, how, where, whenwhy!...More about eating later. 

Back to the EMMY AWARDS -

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Magical! Wonderful! Fantastic - the flying will blow you away!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dena De Rose

Superb! Phenomenal jazz pianist, one of the best I've ever heard! The show had started, I came a little late, and the minute I opened the door and heard her play just a few notes, it's as if a strong gust of wind hit me. "God, she's great!" I knew instantly.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Hot water with fresh mint and lemon - delicious! At a fancy Italian restaurant - great food, great company, great birthday!

Birthday Boy


Thursday, August 19, 2010




Lord Nature, (something keeps prompting me to say it and I really like it!), is whispering things, talking to me on a grand scale. He's like showing me the MASTER PLAN.

Your will be done.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Talk About...Reality TV shows!

Didn't I write anything on AMERICAN IDOL Finale?? How could I have missed it when I watched it! I love Crystal Bowersox and can't wait for her debut cd! I know I wrote a post about her but can't find it. Damn, where'd it go??

'Step Up 3D' Trailer HD


Just came back from the movie, STEP UP 3D, a "wrap-up" from last night's SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Finale and it was a fun movie. It was cute! Timing is everything and with the reality TV show, timing was perfect for the movie. However, last night's finale was spectacular! Simply, the Grand Finale!

And, of course, Ellen Degeneres' awesome performance was "the icing on the cake". What a sport! She's so game! I just love that woman for being herself!

Post Script

I remember when the judges would critique Kent about his facial expressions when he danced - that he was always smiling, to be conscious and careful about it, etc. I totally disagreed with that. That guy can emote, man! And did you see him step back when Lauren's name was announced the winner? That's a real gentleman there. He totally gave Lauren the spotlight! That's a winner there, too.

You'll go a long ways, Kent from Wineko..., where??

So You Think You Can Dance



I love dancing. I should really go back to it... JUST DO IT!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I also forgot about Lee Retinour & Dave Grusin Show at Yoshi's Oakland last 25th for the same reason, our school's Grand Alumna Reunion. Of course, I was not gonna miss that show for anything in the world, particularly because of my idol, Dave Grusin, who I'd write about periodically on my blog. I just adore him. He's the musician of all musicians. In fact in one of my posts last Xmas, I said that it was my dream to, one day, play with him on a world stage. I dream big, why not!

Well, last July 25, I had the chance to meet him personally after the show and I told him my dream. He probably thought I was crazy but I don't care. I went that far as to be able to meet him in person and had the guts to tell him my desire. That's a step closer to my dream.

You know, the one thing I learned from Dave Grusin in that show is not music. He's great live as he is on his albums. Rather, I learned the virtue of humility from him. Here was an icon, a legend, a phenomenon, who I thought was gonna have a show side by side with Lee and there he was, just a sideman to Lee. Yes, they both had equal billing, precisely why I thought this was their show together. But it wasn't. It was Lee Retinour's show and Dave Grusin was just one of the "members" of the band. Lee did all the talking and Dave didn't even say a word. Clearly, it wasn't his show. And I thought, how could anybody, Lee, for that matter, allow Dave Grusin to be just a sideman??

But you know, musicians of their calibre, the best of the bests, they just play together, either as headliners or as THE band, or sidemen, it doesn't matter. There's NO ego! They're so great they're past it! They just play music and have fun, that's it! That's what music is all about! Aah, beautiful reminder!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

All Women Show!

I had the pleasure of watching 2 wonderful shows recently at PPCO. -

MUSIC, SHE WROTE, a concert honoring women composers, at the same time, a fundraiser for the Youth Programs of the Oakland Public Conservatory (OPC) of Music.

ELLEN ROWE & KRISTIN KORB - this has got to be the most fun concert I've seen at the store so far. On a Sunday afternoon, where the ambiance is more relaxed than night concerts, it was fun watching 2 great musicians, Ellen Rowe, excellent jazz pianist and composer, on the fabulous Fazioli piano, and Kristin Korb on string bass and vocals. This lady can sing and when she plays bass, it's like she's making love to her instrument, so passionate, so sensitive!

I've never seen more lady string bass players than this month and, man, are they good! It's always a pleasure to see women play male-dominated instruments (non-traditional for women), like upright bass, sax, etc. Talking of female sax players, check out Mary Fetig, she's great, too!

Post Script to 'How Old is Old??'

You know, I think changed its profile layout. Somehow, it doesn't show the year of birth anymore. I just discovered it yesterday (just when I had sent my niece a link to the post). Unless I did something wrong, my age completely disappeared! See, looking at my picture, Blogger can't believe my age, either! They probably thought I was making it up. Don't they know the possibilities life can offer, they're infinite!

Well, that's it for now, anyway, till I am able to undo or redo the changes, if it's doable.
Life is sweet. Life is good. Enjoy! Luv y'all.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Checked out HERE WE ARE on youtube again and guess how many views there are now, 440! See how lucky that number is! Keep 'em comin'! Love it!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sometimes, A Wishful Thinking!

This secret to living well, my secret to living well, sometimes it's easier said than done, especially with so many music projects and a lot of catching up to do! But it still is the way to go for me. Thank God, I do TM, it really helps. Try TM, it works.

Incidentally, I've been seeing a lot of posters everywhere and I like their ads -

Go Forth.
There is a lot of work to be done and undone.

They seem to fit my lifestyle right now - busy, busy, busy! Lots of work to do and undo! Regardless, I still aim to go to bed early. Simple way to end the day, nice and easy. Good night. ZZzz.....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

University of Sto.Tomas Choir

U.S.T. Choir--Winner of

World Choir Competition


My alma mater!...
And Filipinos!
Filipinos Got Talent...Filipinos got MORE talent!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Secret to Living Well

"Early to bed, early to rise makes a man happy, healthy, wealthy and wise."

Way to go for me!

How Old Is Old??

I was at the bus stop this evening with 3 young ladies dressed in trendy casuals with nice makeup on, and at the stop light, a woman in a car in front of the bus stop rolled down her window and asked the girls how old they were. She was curious. At her age, 37, she said, she couldn't guess anymore when, looking at girls, how old is old, who's young, who's old, and so on. The girls were 18 and 20s. I stood there, observing the whole scenario. Listening to them talk, I thought, "How old is old?? What is age? Does it really matter?"

I've just celebrated my birthday, a milestone, about 2 weeks ago. Can you guess my age? -

I'm 325 years old and I look good!!!!!

Musicians live longer, you know. My grandma used to tell me,"You will never grow old because you have music in your heart."

So true! Yup, look at my profile. Nope, I ain't a Rat, but I was born way before the Chinese Calendar came about which started with zodiac year of the rat; hence, Rat is what automatically came out on my profile when I put my birth year. I was born in 186_,what??????? How could I have been born before my grandma, much less, before my mother???????? has all possibilities. That's what's great about it!

Yes, I'm 325 and I'm aiming to reach 440!! Why?? 440 reminds me of the tuning fork, a fork-shaped object that emits a tone of a specific frequency when struck, the most common of which sounds the note of A = 440HZ, the standard concert pitch. It's the musician in me, what can I do!

You know how orchestras tune up before they start to play, before they begin their concerts? They adjust the pitch of their musical instruments usually based on a fixed reference, such as A = 440 Hz.

Can you imagine, reaching 440 and I'm just tuning up, my life is just beginning all over again? Wow!!

Well, that's a long ways from now. Let me be grounded here and now, and live by the moment. Life is simple, let's not complicate it. In short, I'm ageless, timeless! And I'm happy!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Images of CHS Alumnae Grand Reunion


The CHS GRAND ALUMNAE REUNION - The Gala Night, the Gala Show, the whole weekend, was a huge success!! Gracielu Rebullida, who did such a fantastic job as host and emcee for the Gala night and show, sums it all up -
"The CHS Grand Reunion was a smash. When you have talent, passion and commitment...when you can't keep 50 somethings from the dance floor until the party ends and you raise over 225K in less than 16 hours, that's a success! Way to go CHS sisters!"

Unbelievable how we were able to raise so much money in such a short time and more coming in! Thanks, Dodit and Medy, on making a commitment on behalf of our class. Kudos to Dodit on becoming the next president of the chapter. We're very proud of you!
And as Adel initiates on her sweet note to our class to heed the call to give back to our alma mater -
This is your invitation to please consider to “Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal." - Albert Pines

Thanks, Adel, for the reminders.

And as proud as I was being the musical director of the gala show, that was just the tip of the iceberg. The real gratification came from the commitment from the alumnae to give back to our beloved school, College of the Holy Spirit! What pride we all have in our alma mater! 

Monday, July 19, 2010




"Here We Are"

I wrote  this high school reunion song, HERE WE ARE, for my school's, College of the Holy Spirit, class' Silver Jubilee in the 90s and it will be sung again on the occasion of our ALUMNAE GRAND REUNION GALA SHOW on July 23-25, 2010 in SFO where I am the musical director. I sent the mp3 and lyrics to the officers and production staff last month so they could study the song. One of the girls was so inspired she made a ppt and asked me if she could put it on youtube. And together with another classmate of hers, they did! I was so touched by her gesture and the efforts they put into it. I don't even know them. We're just gonna meet for the first time this weekend.

I got an email early this morning, Re: Here We Are - it's on!, which means they were working on it overtime 'cause we were back and forth sending emails about it last night. They were keeping me posted on what they were doing, converting ppt to a movie format, editing, etc.! 

Wow, I'm speechless! Today is my birthday! They didn't know it, at the same time, I didn't know when it was gonna be on youtube. What a great birthday gift! Life is good! God is good!

Click here to see it.

Thanks, Moonie and Vicky. I'm looking forward to meeting you this weekend.

Friday, July 16, 2010

This Is It!

This is It! - by Michael Jackson

I've just finished watching the movie to get some tips for my school's College of the Holy Spirit Alumnae Grand Reunion Show this July 24 where I am going to be the musical director. And I was totally immersed in Michael - The Man, the Musician, the Legend, the Phenomenon, the Icon!!

Why, Michael, why?? God, why??

This is it! - Did the title of your song, your upcoming world tour, stand for your passion, your intense, conscious desire, to make the most successful, triumphant, unparalleled comeback in the music world? Or was it, at the same time, an unconscious precognition, a self-fulfilling prophesy of your final bow, your farewell, your detachment from all material world and your journey into the next?

This is it!

Goodbye, Michael. The whole world misses you!


Today is my Dad's birthday. He would have been 95 here on earth but I'm sure he's infinite in heaven.


(click on the title to go to my website then go to Music. You can also download Pacifico on iTunes)

World Music Awards 2010 (18th May @ Monte Carlo, Manaco)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Just wrapped up! 

"Life is Music and Music is Life. Life is MY Music and Music is MY Life."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Great Song Line

Walking home from the gym, I turned my i-Pod on and Mon David's Coming True jazz cd was on.

Mon David is a very dear friend of mine. We used to have a jazz group in Manila called Fourplay in the 80's with 4 vocals ala MANHATTAN TRANSFER. He was the leader of the band and I, the musical director. One of the highlights of our group's career, the apex, I'd say, was when Manhattan Transfer came to Manila for a concert, heard about our group, went to our show and they were thrilled, so "flattered" because we adored and emulated them that they joined us onstage and sang a couple of their songs! What a high that was!! They also complimented my piano playing. My manager, in fact, told me later that they "want" me. To play with 'em?! Whoa! That could have been my passport to fame, huh, 15 minutes of fame!

Mon, an incredible singer, world-class, he won the FIRST INT'L JAZZ VOCALS COMPETITION in London in 2006 representing the Philippines! Another Filipino, huh! In fact, just recently, I met John Calloway, flutist, percussionist, one of the most sought after Bay Area musicians, another Filipino, and I told him about last year's SF FIL/AM JAZZ FESTIVAL where we played together but at different stages and I mentioned that Mon is my friend and he says, "Oh, Mon, he's a 'killer' (musician)!"

Back to Mon's cd - great album, great band, great production! The music playing then had particularly great lyrics. One line got me hooked - You can never lose a thing if it belongs to you - loved it! 

When I reached home, I immediately looked for his album to see the title of the song, "Throw It Away". Initially, it didn't make sense to me, for how can you throw away a thing you never want to lose?! But when I read the whole lyrics, I got it. Great song, great line!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

At Coda

Sandy Cressman and Homonagem Brasileira at CODA! Great band, great music, great friends!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gillian Harwin is Back

Multitalented Gillian Harwin is back singing latin and brazilian music this time with killer musicians! Gillian is an amazing musician - singer, acoustic bass player, yeah, and arranger! I particularly like her arrangement of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean.  The first time she sang it at her first concert here, she had a blues version. Tonight, it's a cha-cha rendition. Great arrangement! 

Click here to read about it.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Orleans Jazz at the Mission

Just got back from a New Orleans Jazz Concert at a new Performance Center at the Mission with the PRESERVATION HALL NEW ORLEANS BAND. Fabulous show! Great musicians! New Orleans jazz has gotta be the happiest music in town, in the entire world, I should say! It was exhilirating! The whole audience was ecstatic! Everybody got up to its feet and danced around the whole theatre! A young guy started it with her girlfriend or lady friend and I jumped up and joined! Then we got everybody to stand up and join the line and dance all over! You can't stay glued on your seats! The music was just too, what, I can't even describe it, you simply can't ignore it! Well, Norman had to stay in place cause he had to watch my purse and coat while I went wild! He stood up, though, and he was dancing!

Wow! And to think that I almost missed the show!

There was a show at the store I wanted to see - the Jazz Camp Open Mic, a wrap-up to the just concluded week-long camp! I've never been to one and all musician/friends have been telling me to attend a jazz camp, even once, so I wanted to go see what's happening in tonight's event, have an idea of what they do in a music camp, thinking I might get inspired, (which, of course, I always do), and go to next year's jazz camp. Norman and I were splitting the 2 shows tonight, he was going to the New Orleans Jazz show. But because of the anticipated riot, protests, after the Meserhle conviction this afternoon, the event was cancelled. So I ended up at the New Orleans'. Boy, now I'd like to go to New Orleans!

Lately, we have been totally immersed in a lot of live music - gigs, his, mine, ours, shows, concerts, all kinds! That goes without saying, being musicians, but these past few weeks have been unusually plenty. I ain't complaining.

I'm exhausted now from all the dancing, no, not exhausted, exhilirated!

It's late. Nite-nite...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Another great concert at PPCO. with Grammy-nominated jazz pianist from Cuba, ELIO VILLAFRANCA TRIO tonight with Alan Hall on drums, Peter Barshay on bass and guest artist, Inga Swearingen on vocals!

Click here to read about it.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Talk About...Gigs!

Gigs! Did I forget to tell you about my gig with Norman and his brother, Joel, bass player, last month here in the city? God, it was fun! It was Norman's gig with his jazz quartet with his brother, who was visiting from the East Coast, playing bass. Actually, he "borrowed" my jazz trio with drummer, Curt Moore, and hired saxophonist, Dayna Stephens. And Norman invited me to jam as guest, along with other musicians/friends, and was that a thrill! 

We got very busy that week with the gig and going to 3 concerts 3 nights in a row, I totally forgot to"report" the news. 

Anyway, we should do more of that. Well, we got invited again so I'll keep you posted. We should really do a concert called The Landsbergs or Landsberg, Landsberg & Me. How about that! Just a thought right now.

Jazzed Out, Flagged Out, Corned Out... Wiped Out!!!

I'm all jazzed out this weekend from the street fair and my solo gig yesterday plus the Jazz Worship at Calvary today! And all "flagged" out with my american flag outfit from my american flag baseball cap to my american flag jacket right down to my american flag socks! I have a pair of american flag tennis shoes but I couldn't find 'em! And, oh, all "corned "out from all the corns on the cobs - roasted, wood-fired and steamed! And, of course, all full with good food, too. 

Nice to be home and just relax... 

I'm wiped out!!


Jazz street fair! Great! Lots of fun!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010


You can hear a sample of this music I wrote when my father died by clicking audio clip on my profile (About Me).

Or, scroll down to my posts, My Dad, (May 22) . It explains more about the song.

Thought I'd share. Thanks.



Tuesday, June 15, 2010


That's what I mean by blogging in real-time! Having a computer, a laptop, or whatever device handy on-the-scene! Like the cello concert the other night, it was so easy to write down what was happening as it happened, "telling it as it is", like a news reporter or correspondent! Love it! It's exciting, invigorating! It's seizing the moment and that's what it's all about!

When I was young, I wanted to be a journalist. Or, rather, it was one of the things I wanted to do. In truth, I really didn't know what I wanted to do. I thought I was gonna be a medical doctor like my mother. So I took a B.S. in Medical Technology as a pre-cursor to medicine. But after I got my first paycheck, that was the end of medicine for me. Meanwhile, I played piano all my life, took it up till college cause music was simply, naturally, a part of me. For as long as I was studying anything, I studied piano along with it, but I never thought of music as a career. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a music profession. For me, music was life, not work, I didn't have to pursue it, so I pursued other things.

But like the musical, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum", a funny thing happened to me one day. I joined a music competition, The Yamaha Electone Organ Festival, and won the locals in Southern CA, regionals in Northern CA, then the national finals in Texas. Winning First Prize, I got to represent the USA at the Internationals in Japan and I won the Grand Prix! God, I thought, I must be good! It was only then when I took music seriously. I gave up med tech but never gave up my license. I knew, yup, I KNEW, I was gonna go back to it someday. I wish it was music I wanted to do in life, instead! But I was already doing it so, I guess, it was never ingrained in me to become a musician as a profession.

Well, guess what, music became my profession! I'm proud of it, I love it and, looking back, if there was something I really wished for, is that, I wished I were like those musicians who, at a young age, simply KNEW they wanted to do music when they grew up. And that's why they are where they are - Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Barbra, Beyonce, Oscar Peterson, Chick Corea, and many more, rich and famous or not, doesn't matter! They're making music, living it and loving it!

Actually, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up - a medical doctor, like my mom! But you know, when I was in college, I was 18, I felt something was missing in medical science. I thought that while medicine kept advancing, as a matter of fact, very rapidly, discovering diseases and cures, it was getting so far removed from its roots. There had to be something that, I thought, KNEW where diseases came from, something had to be there before it dissipated into something else.

As a child, I was always into the origin of things. I always wanted the whole picture, the big picture first. Then we go from there! In biology, I was always interested in the basis of life - the CELL!! Is that good or bad, I don't know. It's just the way I am.

I knew, yes, I knew, someday I'd discover something that explained everything, before and after, from beginning to end, particularly in health and medicine cause I was gonna be a doctor, right?

Behold, AYURVEDA!! The first time I ever heard of Ayurveda (Science of Life) in PERFECT HEALTH AND REVERSAL OF AGING PROCESS Conference in Manila, I found the missing link. I knew this was what I was looking for all my life! That's how I became a pioneer of Ayurveda. Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D., once said, "Western Medicine is good. It is useful, it's effective, especially in trauma, in acute conditions, but it lacks the knowledge."
I knew all along I was right.

Knowledge is Power. Now, having knowledge in both Ayurveda and medical science, I'm very proud of it! It gives me a better understanding, deeper awareness, greater appreciation of life and health in Ayurveda, and about health and disease in clinical lab science.

As to journalism, in college, as I said, I felt something was incomplete with medical science, and I was very frustrated, so I decided to take a semester of journalism, thinking that if I was really interested in it, I would simply change courses. I was, but then I got accepted for internship in med tech the next semester. That's how journalism was put on hold, or shall I say, to a halt, along with music.

Writing was one of my passions besides music since I was a little girl. In fact, when I returned home last March, one of the things I did was open old old boxes of family and personal "treasures" - photos, papers, music, etc., sort them out and clean up. And lo and behold, I discovered about 3 diaries I had since I was a kid up to college. My brother even reminded me that I had a diary named Mon Ami, (where I got that name, I don't even remember), and OMG, I accidentally stumbled into it when I was looking into my old stuff!

In high school, I loved writing. I always did better in written tests than in oral because I was too shy to talk in front of the class. My English teacher once wrote a comment on one of my essays, "You have a deep insight into human nature. Keep it up."

At that age, somehow I knew what she meant by 'human nature' but I didn't know what 'insight' was. From the context, it meant 'understanding' but, I thought, why didn't she just use the word, understanding, and make it simple. So I asked her, "What is insight, understanding?"
She said, "Yes, but it's deeper than that."

When my dad died in 2000, I started a journal to express my grief. I would write to him and when my brother passed on, too, I continued my writings. I haven't written to them for a while and especially now that I'm blogging, my journal might just become a closed book. No, not really. Somehow, I've always thought, when I finish my journal, when all the pages have been used up, I will go. Well, it's been unused for a while now so that means I've got a long way to go, huh. I intend to live long, anyway, in good health - happy, healthy, wealthy and wise!!

Looking back to my childhood, thinking I didn't know what I wanted to do when I grew up, I realized I knew exactly what I wanted - to be like my mother, a lady physician! However, music was me, still is, and forever it will be. Meanwhile, I loved writing, too. And it's just coming back now and it's coming on strong.

When I learned Ayurveda, I also got interested in Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). Both are parts of the Vedas, the oldest scriptures of ancient India. It was then when I learned that I had both art and science influences in my birth chart!!

That was the awakening!! Everything made sense after that. I realized that nothing in my life was ever wasted. To think that for a long long time, I thought I had no direction in life. Yet, somehow, there was something in me that knew I was good in anything I did. I had great potential that just couldn't seem to express itself fully because of so many, what??

Yes, we are where we are meant to be. There's a reason, there's a season for everything. Yes, I've had regrets, I wished I had done this and that, and not this and that! So many buts and ifs, what ifs, and on and on and on...I've made mistakes and learned my lessons. I learn something new everyday. But when I was young, I didn't know any better. What I did then was my best, the best I knew how, yes, then.

We grow up, we learn, we move on. "Life is a test. It is only a test." We keep going...
Hey, life's too short, we might as well enjoy!

But, seriously, is life really too short? Or, too long?? I think if we live life well, to the best we humanly possibly know how and can, then we'll have lived life to the fullest. No cup that is full to the brim is too small or too big. There's an old classic song, "My Cup Runneth Over with Love". No life that brims over is too short nor too long...

Wow, all I wanted to talk about was blogging in real-time!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Did you see the new show, I mean, yeah, it's a new show - new director, new format! Wow, they really raised the bar! I love it, love it! The choreographies are amazing! You can really see that every choreographer is inspired by each other and everyone is challenged and motivated to outdo, not each other, but himself/herself and to create even greater dance routines, aiming higher to limitless possibilities. Great show! I'm in it for the whole season!

Monday, June 7, 2010


The big 20 Cello Event just finished and it was beautiful! I've never heard a concert before comprising exclusively of cellos and what a treat! And the caliber of musicianship of these players is just amazing! Many of them are playing with the country's top symphony orchestras and have flown from all over, East to West, to celebrate the event in memory of one of the world's most beloved cellists, Orlando Cole, who died early this year at the age of 101!

Cello, outside piano and acoustic guitar, is one of my favorite musical instruments along with oboe and french horn. Cello is simply one of the most dynamic, most expressive instruments. It is so sensitive, it can express itself as one of the saddest sounds you can hear musically. And I never knew about its wide range. Or did I forget? I thought it was a mid-ranged instrument, somewhere between viola and string bass, but it's wider than that. Does it reach up to a violin's? I think it does. I'm sure it does. It's been a while since I last wrote for string instruments. I should write again. Anyway, it's a great instrument! I wonder if I could ever play it though, 'cause it looks taller than me.

A beautiful instrument, a beautiful concert!

P. S.

It's after show, refreshment being served, audience meet with the artists. Right now, some of the players are talking about their fond memories with the world famous cello pedagogue. Many of them studied with him.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Inspiring...and Inspired!

Show just finished! I'm still high! All psyched up! Seriously, I'm inspired! Gotta do something. Gotta do it! GOTTA, GOTTA, GOTTA!!!


I'm at the piano store now. There's a recital tonight featuring classical and jazz music by the faculty of Oakland School for the Arts. Rehearsals are going on and it just feels good absorbing all the music.

Let me sign off now as I'm gonna enjoy myself tonight with all music. I'm already enjoying. This is what you call capturing the moment.

Luv y'all! Music is beautiful, remember that!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Music Quotes

It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself.
Johannes Sebastian Bach

Monday, May 31, 2010

Esperanza by Socorro

Esperanza is my mother and here's a sample of a song I made for her on my debut album, Socorro. May is the month dedicated for mothers so I'm extending my Mother's Day to my beloved beautiful Mother now that I know how to put music on my blog -

You can actually download on iTunes. There are 2 versions -
  • instrumental track from my debut album, Socorro
  • vocal track from Carmen "Pinky" Valdes' debut album, Sandalwood

Comment on Susan Boyle

One of the greatest inspirations of all time!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What Sorrow Is by Socorro

What Sorrow Is by Socorro

I recorded this piece with Jeff Buenz, one of the top guitarists in the Bay Area.  Like me, he lost his dad and brother, one after the other. As I recall, he lost both within 10 days of each other, God Almighty! You can just imagine his pain...No, no one can imagine his pain!  

I particularly chose the instrumentation, 2 instruments, piano and guitar, both acoustic, natural sound, like a dialogue between 2 people, me and my brother, Jesse, in my dream.

Recording this song with Jeff was one of the most magical moments in my life!  We recorded this live.  Sharing the same experience, interpreting it in music, playing it together, and connecting - everything about it was perfect!  So natural, it was effortless, it was miraculous!

Without Papa (on Father's Day) by Socorro

I found a way to put music into my blog.  You can actually download on iTunes. Here's a sample -


This is so deep, so personal, I broke down when I recorded this piece. Nothing was edited.  Any imperfection was perfect.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Today's my Dad's 10th  anniversary of his death.  I miss him.

Ten years ago, I wrote a piece of music entitled, Without Papa (on Father's Day).  It was this song that inspired me to make my debut album, SOCORRO.  I had been putting this cd project on and off for so many years until my father died.  His death, the first in the family, was utterly devastating.  I never knew what GOODBYE was until my father died.

The first special occasion following a death in the family is one of the most painful moments in life.  My dad died in May and three weeks later was Father's Day.  Next month, July, was his birthday, my birthday, and my brother, Jesse's.  On my brother's birthday, about 430am here, I dreamt, it wasn't a dream, it was real, we were talking and I asked him how he felt about papa being gone, especially as they were very close.  He didn't say anything.  Instead, I heard music in my head and these words, "What sorrow is".  This was my brother's answer to me.  That's how my other composition was created, What Sorrow Is.  The following year, my brother died.

GRIEF is deep, silent, it's beyond words...

Fortunately, I express myself best through music and that's how Without Papa (on Father's Day) and What Sorrow is came about that culminated with my debut cd.  I decided to put all my energies, transpose all my grief, the pain, and everything, into music.  It was 2 years in the making.  In the end it was a triumph of the human spirit, personally, all worth it!

Yes, grief is deep, silent, unfathomable, yet, as devastating as it is, it is sacred.  It is so sacred, it's beautiful, humanly beautiful.  There is no way past it but to go through it.

(I wanna share my music with you.  I'm still learning to put music in my blog.  Until then, you can view my complete profile here then click on my webpage,  You can here a sample of the music there or on You can also download it on iTune or get a ringtone.  Or buy the album, SOCORRO, from or  You'll enjoy it. I'm very proud of it. Thanks.)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aah, Music, Again!

Just came back from Eddie Palmieri and La Perfecta II, Salsa and Latin Jazz Band, at Yoshi's and, yeah, music is such a natural high, who needs drugs??  And I can't understand why even a lot of musicians resort to drugs to get high when music is such a rush, man!! I'm telling you, we musicians are so lucky, what else are you searching for?  What is it you're looking for?  The answer is inside you, man, woman, hey, just look within.  Music is waiting to come out of you, let it out! Express yourself.  Don't fight.  Don't resist. Resistance is one of the biggest roadblocks in life, and if you got it, you are your own one big roadblock!  Get out of it!  Crush it out of you, and instead, flow.  Flow with the music.  Flow with the energy. Flow...flow...flow.  Dance, dance, dance!  Sing, sing, sing!  Play, play, play your instrument!  Don't stop.  Just go with the music.  Go with the current...with the rhythm. Feel it.  See it.  Hear it.  Keep going, keep going...I'm with you.  I'm with you all the way.  Don't stop, keep going, keep is a natural high, I tell you. Non-stop, no limits...go for it, all the way...ALL THE WAY!!

Music is Love and Love is Music.  Luv ya...

I Love these 2 Sisters!

I was talking to Charrie and Mennie from a great musical family in MNL, on the phone, re: our Global Grand HS Reunion Gala Night Show in July.  While Charrie was concerned about our act for the show, Mennie was already giving me other songs to prepare for an encore!!  

Love your attitude, Mennie!  Don't get me wrong with Charrie.  She's a great singer.  We were HS classmates and we had a singing group then called KIT KATTS and she was one of the lead singers.  But after soooo many years and everybody all spread out globally, really, how do you expect people to get together and rehearse for the show!  Thank God for modern day technology we can practice on our own.  But we still have to meet and rehearse and be sure we're ready for the show. From the demographics, we'll all probably get together for the first time at the general rehearsal/sound check on the same day of the show. 

Anyway, I enjoyed talking to them on the phone.

Love you, girls.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


MUSIC, the ultimate...uh,...uh,...uh, what? How can you describe something so phenomenal, so magical, so miraculous!

Just came back from a concert downtown of a friend/musician, Bill Ortiz - NeoSoul, R&B and Jazz. Jeff Cressman, another friend/musician, joined in, and what an experience! They both play for Santana and the Manny Moka Band.

After a hard day's work, going to a concert and hearing great MUSIC such as this, it IS great!

Music is great and it feels great to be a musician! Music is an experience! It is a journey! It's a universal experience, a universal journey, yet unique to every musician, at whatever levels we're at! There should be no labels for musicians, that we're either amateur or professional, no! We should stop that separation. Every musical experience is personal and deep to each one of us. There are infinite levels of music and musicianship, yes, because we all come from different roots. We all had different beginnings, different places of origin, different times, different ages where, when, how, why music came to our lives. But at the Source, we are all connected, we're not competing. Rather, we are one. That's why we should not be comparing ourselves with others, but only with ourselves and what we've done in the past and what we're doing now.

Music is like life. It IS life! It's a learning process. We learn, we live, we grow, and we keep learning, living and growing, no ending, no beginning...

Music is like love. It IS love, a lifelong experience. No one dictates who we should love and shouldn't. It comes from the heart, from the soul. Whether one is a rock star, a celebrity or a street musician, music comes from within, from our very core. So why distinquish the rich and famous from those who are not? We should just play. We should be playing together. There are no shoulds, no shouldn'ts! Just play. Let's play together.

Music IS music. It is an expression, a language of love, of life, in sounds, in harmony, in symphony, from a child learning his/her first song to the world's greatest classical instrumentalists, rock, jazz bands, concert artists, philharmonic orchestras, choirs, operas and infinite possibilities...

Music is a phenomenon, it's magic, it's a miracle! It is the ultimate...uh,...uh,...Aah, the Ultimate!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Aquarium

I've always wanted an aquarium.  Got one here now.  Quiet, very relaxing... Enjoy.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


That tenor singer in church today, when he sings AVE MARIA, I get chills all over. He's great! It cuts through, I missed my Mom. Will call her a lil' later.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Preparing for a Musical Show in July

I was watching LIFE on Discovery Channel about insects and plants earlier, marvelous! It was very interesting but I have a project to make for a musical show I'm directing in July so back to the studio now...

It's for our HIGH SCHOOL GLOBAL GRAND REUNION for all years, not just ours, so it's a big one! Alumnae and families will be coming in from all over the world. Northern CA is the host and I'll be the musical director of the Gala Night Show. I was recommending known people in the music community, but somehow, fingers were pointing at me, I don't know why. I'm flattered. I'm not famous, I'm just rich. I'm not a celebrity, I'm just pretty... (oh, well).

I'll have more details as we progress. Or maybe I won't have time to talk about details. Will just do it. Right now it's been conference calls, emails, text, youtube, anything, everything, to do research and prep on materials.

Boy, when we did our 25th HS reunion, i.e., just my class, we prepared 1 year for the show. And here we have 3 months!

Right now, I'm making an mp3 of the HS theme song, HERE WE ARE, I did for my class in our silver jubilee to email to everybody globally as it's gonna be the finale song. At least, everybody can learn it on their own until we meet in July. Thanks to all advanced technology, media, what we can do nowadays to communicate, to send anything at fast speed! All of us in the committee are relying heavily on all these to gather all the acts together. Maricar T. is spearheading the whole Grand Reunion event. God, she's great! With her commitment, dedication, and determination, we can't give up. We're in it all the way! And with Cynthia and Moonie, great conference call last night! Thanks for getting involved, ladies.

It's late. Goodnight. Thanks for the company, guys. See you later.